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A photograph gives us a way to remember a particular time in our life, a special friend, or a favorite place. It captures the moment forever! If you plan on holding an event that you want everyone to remember, a photo booth rental from Maddox Brand can help you make that happen! We have the setup for you no matter what your event is:

• Photo Booths For Weddings
• Photo Booths For Parties
• Prom Photo Booth
• Corporate Event Photo Booth
• Photo Booths for Family Reunions
• Special Event Photo Booth and more!

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Create Photo Booth Memories Near You!

Have you ever taken a picture in a booth with a friend or a loved one? Whether it was as a teenager at the mall with your boyfriend or at your cousin’s wedding with your family, photo booths are full of memories.

You probably still have the strip of photos hanging on your refrigerator or in a scrapbook, and every time you look at them, you are taken back to that place in time.

Party photo booth rentals are one of the oldest forms of social media, where fun and friendship is captured. In this day and age, technology makes it very easy to forget how to interact with others in person.

Renting a photo booth in Seattle WA for your event is a great way to make people put down their phones and just enjoy each other’s company for a few hours.

When you choose to rent a photo booth with us in Seattle, you are providing hours of entertainment for your guests. You are letting them know that you care about preserving the memories they are making at your event.

We can customize the booth and props to fit the style of your event, and our photo booth attendants will be there to make sure everything runs smoothly for you and your guests.

If you are looking for fun, cost-effective way to liven up your party or event, give Maddox Brand Photo Booth Rental a call today! We can’t wait to help you and your guests make tons of memories!

Entertaining Photo Booth Services in Seattle, Washington

No matter what type of party or event you are planning, time and preparation go into making it an enjoyable time for your guests. You have to worry about deciding on;

• A theme for the event
• What kind of food and drinks you want to serve
• The perfect music to play
• What kind of party favors you want to hand out
• How you are going to keep your guests occupied during the event

Seattle’s premiere photo booth rental company can help take some work off of your plate by providing an affordable and easy way for your guests to stay entertained. With our cheap photo booth rental, your guests will leave the party with a fun memento to remember the event!

We offer a variety of options that you can choose from to customize your photo booth experience however you like:
• Make a choice between a closed booth or open air photo booth for your event. An open air enclosure allows more people to fit into the pictures, and the backdrop options are endless!
• We offer a broad range of photo backdrops, from solid black to specific scenes. You can also choose to create a custom backdrop to make your photo booth experience even more unique!
• All photo booth rentals come with a variety of props for your guests to play around with and have fun. We also offer several different themed accessory packages to tie into your event!
• A professional photo booth attendant will arrive early to set up, assist your guests during the event, and pack everything away at the end!
• You have the option to customize your photo layouts with a theme, logo, or saying that will help your guests remember your event for years to come!
• We provide quick photo printing so your guests can see their pictures immediately and digital prints of all photos so you can look back on all the fun your guests had at your event!

Give us a call to discuss how we can create a unique and entertaining experience for your next party or event. Our photo booth rental service in Seattle is a great way to capture and share wonderful memories that will last a lifetime!

Best Local Photo Booth Rentals

As the leading local photo booth rental company in Seattle, WA, our goal is to provide a way for everyone to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.
Our photo booths are very easy to use, can be customized to flow with the theme of your event, and will spit out your photos on high-quality photo paper within a matter of seconds!
Many parties and events start off slowly, and it takes awhile for your guests to loosen up and relax. Our fun and silly props will help break the ice from the minute your guests arrive. They can (and will) keep coming back to take goofy pictures with each other throughout the course of the event!
Our professional photo booth rentals are a great way to capture all of the wonderful memories that people make at any event.
We provide services anywhere in the Seattle, WA area for all types of occasions, including:

• Weddings
• Anniversary parties
• Birthday parties
• Corporate events
• Holiday parties
• Family reunions
• Mitzvahs
• School events
• and more!

Nothing takes you back in time like a photograph. Using the best photo booth rental company in Seattle will give you tons of memories and laughs from your special gathering. Your guests will have a ball squeezing together in photos, dressing up with our fun and silly props, and just letting loose and being goofy!

You’ll receive digital copies of every photo taken so you can take a trip down memory lane whenever you like. Contact us if you’re looking for a way to spice up your next party!

Seattle’s Premiere Photo Booth Rental Company

When you rely on the top Seattle photo booth rental business, you not only get superior customer service, but you also get our state of the art photography equipment, a professional photo booth attendant, and amazing quality photos.

No matter where you host your event in the Seattle area, our photo booths will fit in perfectly. We offer a wide range of photo booth sizes and styles and are sure we have the perfect one for your event.

If you are hosting a small gathering with a handful of guests, we have several smaller photo booths we can set up. If you’re throwing a large party or event with many guests, our open air photo booth may be the best option for you because we can fit up to 20 people in the photos.

Let us know the details of the event and we will help you determine the best photo booth rental options for you and your guests.

Hosting any event can be exhausting!
You spend countless hours planning the event, sending out invitations, and setting up and then once the guests arrive, you spend the whole time making sure everyone is having a great time and has enough to eat and drink.

You often don’t even have time to stop and chat with each of your guests because there is just too much going on.

With a photo booth rental package, you will have a great way to keep your guests entertained and a great way to go back and look at all the memories people made that you might have missed out on because you were too busy worrying about running out of food or drinks.

We set everything up, and our professional attendant handles everything, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We are in this business because we love having a good time and want everyone else to enjoy themselves as well. For a top-notch photo booth rental experience in Seattle, give us a call today!

Create Lasting Memories with Photo Booths

You’ve heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” When you rent a photo booth from us, you and your guests will be able to have keepsakes that they can enjoy for years to come!

Every time they look at the photos from our booths, they’ll be taken back in time to that exact moment that they spent with their friends and loved ones, just enjoying each other and being silly!

We provide countless options to personalize the photo prints with logos or words to help them remember the great event you hosted. We use specialty photo paper that won’t fade or bleed over time, and we offer several different layouts to choose from.

Our photo booths are fun for everyone, young and old, and will be a highlight at your next party or event. There will never be a dull moment at your party if you have a photo booth for entertainment. Show your guests a great time by calling the leading photo booth rental company in Seattle.