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Top-Notch School Event Photo Booths in Seattle, Washington

School functions are a great way to get the community together and support your local education system. From school dances, PTO fundraisers, and high school reunions, students and alumni show up to have a good time. Take your next school event up a notch with an entertaining photo booth rental everyone will be talking about.

Homecoming dances and senior proms are big events for students. They (and their parents) usually go all out and spend a lot of money on the perfect dress or suit, transportation, dinner, and countless other things to make their experience memorable.

Help them capture the night they spent so long planning for with a prom photo booth. They’ll get to hang out with their friends and have a great time playing with all of our fun props and costumes!

A photo booth will give the students a reason to cut up, act goofy, and relax on a night that could be awkward after they have spent so much time building it up in their minds.

Even the shyest, most reserved students will want to join in the fun!

Not only will they create some great memories playing around in the photo booth, but they’ll also get the photos that captured those memories so they can look back on them year after year.

You can even customize the photo paper and backdrop to coordinate with the theme of the dance.

We utilize professional photography equipment, and the photos are printed on high quality paper, resulting in great looking photographs.

Remember all those school dances you attended where you stood in front of a photographer with your date and had an awkward picture taken, usually where neither of you were smiling, and now those photos come back to haunt you because your parents felt guilty if they didn’t purchase them?

Don’t put today’s kids through that embarrassment. Rent a photo booth for your school dances and let them go home with silly and fun photos they will want to show off!

Host an Entertaining School Event with a Photo Booth Rental

Hosting a fundraising event for a school is a lot of hard work. You are trying to raise money, not spend it, but you want your guests to enjoy themselves and be happy that they came to your event where you’re going to ask them to spend their money.

Renting a photo booth for a school fundraising event is an excellent way to ensure your guests are entertained and taken care of without spending a lot of money.

We offer different packages so you can customize your plan to fit your budget.

No matter where you are holding your event or how many people you are expecting to attend, we can accommodate you. You can select from a wide range of backdrop styles and photo layouts to match the theme of your fundraiser.

Digital photos from the photo booth will be posted by guests on social media channels because they want to show off how much fun they had. This is an added bonus for your fundraiser because it will be spread online to friends of friends and people who normally wouldn’t know about it!

For a unique way to spice up your next school event in the Seattle area, contact the best photo booth rental company in town!